Documenting a race is about timing, placement… and luck.


Walking to the finish line before the race start, people were preparing everywhere on main street in the small town. Using the back of their cars as both dressing room and bike work shop, girlfriends and partners with sleepy eyes were helping out with the tight race kits or holding on to the beautiful, expensive race machines that were abundant.

Having been invited by the Castrosua team, as they’re commonly known as, their headquarters was the first place to locate. As one of very few teams they actually have a van accompanying them to races, but since this race was also partly organized by them, the van had a double function as nutrients center for all riders as well

After a bit of chaos at the finish line with riders still arriving at the last minute the race was started in a symphony of spinning wheels with the sun barely set.

Since the race included a couple of loops it was time for a coffee in the small town while waiting for the riders to come around again. It was a hilly race with constant punching climbs hitting the riders over the 70km, accumulating 1400m of climbing in total.
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By the time the race returned to the town for the first of two times, it had already broken up into several groups. The leaders was a small group of riders with the final winner already well placed ahead of the rest.

The winner came in quite a bit of time ahead of the rest. Time being relative in cycling since it was probably only a matter of seconds and not minutes. But as is usual in these moments I lost track of time in the pure concentration of getting that winning shot.

The post race chaos was a mayhem of tired riders, amazing bikes to admire, team kits in all colors and a general awesome vibe of people mingling between teams and sharing the torture lived. Cycling is unique in the way it unites people and creates bonds despite of differences. At the end I didn’t get the names of the winning rider, or who won the different classes in the race. I was too busy looking at bikes.

Over all top 3

Winners of Master 30, 40 and 50


Fotografía, texto y diseño: Heine Christensen